(Not) Taking Sides: Civil Discourse with Michelle Rhee and George Parker

Are you frustrated about how polarized our country has become? I certainly hear it on the news and in the voting trends; people are discouraged by the inability of our society, particularly our politicians, to find common ground and work together. read more

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ADVISORY: Rhee, Parker, BEST NC to hold media availability Tuesday

DVISORY: Rhee, Parker, BEST NC to hold media availability Tuesday. Cary, NC – BEST NC will host a media availability Tuesday featuring unlikely education reform allies Michelle Rhee and George Parker, who will discuss their work to improve education in Washington, DC. read more

February 7, 2017 / by

Lagging Math Scores Hurt North Carolina’s Global Ranking

Results were released this week from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), an academic assessment measuring 15-year-old students’ achievement in key subjects. This time, North Carolina and Massachusetts became the only states in the U.S. top anticipate in the study at a state level, and can now compare student performance in an international context. read more

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Ranked 49th in principal pay

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