Statement from BEST NC on Principal Pay

Cary, NC - This year, North Carolina made the largest investment in state history in principal salaries through an updated salary schedule and bonus opportunities. The impetus was an average principal salary ranking at the bottom of the Southeast and among the lowest in the nation and increasing recognition that that North Carolina’s way of paying principals was outdated and convoluted. read more

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(Not) Taking Sides: Civil Discourse with Michelle Rhee and George Parker

Are you frustrated about how polarized our country has become? I certainly hear it on the news and in the voting trends; people are discouraged by the inability of our society, particularly our politicians, to find common ground and work together. read more

February 17, 2017 / by

ADVISORY: Rhee, Parker, BEST NC to hold media availability Tuesday

DVISORY: Rhee, Parker, BEST NC to hold media availability Tuesday. Cary, NC – BEST NC will host a media availability Tuesday featuring unlikely education reform allies Michelle Rhee and George Parker, who will discuss their work to improve education in Washington, DC. read more

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Lagging Math Scores Hurt North Carolina’s Global Ranking

Results were released this week from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), an academic assessment measuring 15-year-old students’ achievement in key subjects. This time, North Carolina and Massachusetts became the only states in the U.S. top anticipate in the study at a state level, and can now compare student performance in an international context. read more

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Ranked 49th in principal pay

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